Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.



Changzhou Jiazhuo Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is located in China, "triangle" development zone in the central city - Changzhou, Needle Roller Bearings Group Limited (NRB) owned businesses.

The company covers an area of 58 thousand square meters, construction area of 37,000 square meters, green area of 8000 square meters, power 2000KVA. Public facilities is complete, a reasonable layout of factory and workshop, logistics and smooth. Companies in the development of Jiangsu provincial park, adjacent to the Outer Ring Road, Changzhou, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, 312 National Highway, 5 km from the railway station, 20 kilometers away from the civil aviation airport, 30 kilometers away from the million tons of ports and strategic location, convenient transportation. Company is mainly engaged in specialty vehicles and vehicle accessories dedicated R & D, manufacturing, processing and marketing cooperative. Has carriage, construction vehicles, motor caravan , and other products own brand of vehicles. Vehicle parts mainly auto chassis, body, cars, medium and small pieces of sheet metal structures, large-scale panels and other components. For vehicle production lines are mainly specialized welding line, painting line, assembly line, assembly line vehicle interior, vehicle test room and a shower room vehicle testing line, testing went, ran to the parking, the parking ramp, etc. facilities. In order to meet the international market to carrying carriage requirement, we put four million shipped carriage braking welding chassis equipment has been completely completed and put into production.An annual output of 3000 with a single class-specific vehicles and 20,000 sets of various types of vehicles, parts and components integrated capacity.


The company has perfect ISO9001 quality system authentication, shipment carriage product has already obtained the production qualification, the product has national mandatory CCC authentication, Export parts with CE certification, is the domestic shipped carriage leading enterprises, transports carriage of industry standard compilation unit. Shipment carriage products have obtained national patent, the local government investment attract policy, is recognized for a country Yangtze river delta economic belt transport horse only import and export base and foster enterprises.


At the same time company with NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN ASSOCIATION, the NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN TRAINING BASE,BEIJING INTERNATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CLUB etc have close relations of cooperation, has designated transport. At present our company with Australia, New Zealand, etc. Are all established good relations of cooperation. In order to expand the international market, we warmly welcome international friends to come to our company for negotiation and cooperation.